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Hi! My name is Logan Derrick and I'm the Wordcraft Wizard.

While I used to be an introvert in person, I have grown to love using my digital voice as a full-time content marketing writer.


I have enjoyed writing my entire life and have used every employment opportunity to develop an arsenal of specialties. I love gaining knowledge and putting it to use for my clients. And I'm always looking for a new challenge. 


I am in the business of writing high-quality content that converts. Whether you are trying to grow your email subscriber list or simply get more page views, my writing will align perfectly with your business goals. My experience in SEO and social media marketing shines through each piece of content I write, bringing more traffic and conversions to your site.


As a content creator, it is my goal to help countless businesses and blogs become successful within their industries.


Contact me to get started so we can begin optimizing your content marketing efforts!

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